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Mail & Telephone Order

Mail & Telephone Order

Telephone Merchant Account

Fast,Efficient MOTO Merchant Account Services

For mail order credit card processing, AMI offers mail order merchant accounts and telephone order (MOTO) credit card processing solutions to increase your cash flow and ensure a secure and timely payment clearing process.

  • Provide quick, secure transactions for "card not present" sales

  • Increase security with comprehensive fraud prevention

  • Improve customer service through online account management

MOTO Credit Card Processing Gives Your Customers Options

Improve customer satisfaction by offering a full range of payment options. Although the popularity of online shopping continues to increase, not all customers are Internet savvy, and some may still be wary of processing payments through cyberspace. At the other end of the spectrum, many longtime Internet shoppers have grown concerned over highly publicized stories about identity theft and fraud. Bottom line: mail order credit card processing and MOTO credit card processing may be more important than ever to maintaining sales and attracting new customers.

A Mail Order Merchant Account and MOTO Merchant Account You Can Rely On

FAMI offers convenient customer service 24/7. If you have a question, it will be answered quickly, accurately and completely by one of our experienced and well trained representatives. At AMI, we measure our success by your success. We know your customers don't want to wait for answers – and we know you can't afford to, either. We recently introduced live chat so that getting the response you need is more convenient and flexible than ever.

Secure Mail Order and MOTO Credit Card Processing

Our mail order and MOTO merchant solutions are PCI DSS certified, helping to reduce your risk. AMI understands that you must maintain the highest standards of payment security to retain the confidence of your customers and limit your exposure to the risk of fraud. With AMI, your data and account information are secure through every step of the transaction.