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Store Sensitive Data Safely with PCI Tokenization

AMI's optional tokenization solution is specifically designed to keep stored cardholder data safe, protecting sensitive credit card account numbers and reducing the risk of compromised data.

  • Protect stored data with "tokens",or coded reference pointers, whether transmitted through point-of-sale terminals or online payment interfaces.

  • Reduce your PCI scope and business liability while saving money on costly annual PCI audits.

  • Increase your integrity as a trustworthy business by complying with PCI standards.

AMI maintains the highest levels of security for your business, your customers and your complete credit card payment process.

PCI Tokenization Protects Data and Reduces PCI Scope

Compromised data can lead to devastating loss, including hefty fines and a damaged business reputation. In 2009, the average total costs of a data breach reached $6.75 million. PCI tokenization protects credit card data and reduces business liability by intercepting the data at the point of sale and replacing it with "tokens" that are useless to hackers and thieves. With AMI, you can keep stored credit card numbers safe by not storing them at all.

AMI Is Your One-Source Solution to PCI Compliance

Our wide range of credit card processing products, from virtual terminals and e-commerce payment gateways to point-of-sale credit card terminals and mobile payment processing, comply with PCI DSS standards to keep your business safe. We understand that electronic theft is a real threat in today's technology-driven market, so we go to great lengths to ensure your transactions are safe from credit card fraud.

Secure Your Business Today

Find out if PCI tokenization is right for your business. The AMI team consists of experienced industry experts that are here to help you. We'll walk you through your business and credit card processing goals, and develop the right payment and security plan that best meets your needs. Getting started is easy! Secure your business today with AMI.