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B2B Payment Processing

Streamlined B2B and Large Ticket Credit Card Processing

With AMI, provide your business or government clientele with a variety of B2B and large ticket processing methods at low rates.

  • Deliver detailed, accurate reporting to business clients with PCI secure Level 2 processing capabilities.

  • Serve a wide range of B2B clients, including government agencies, associations, property managers and utilities.

  • Qualify for large ticket specialized programs with transactions over $100K.

The AMI team is committed to increasing the efficiency and PCI compliance of your business-to-business and large ticket processing transactions.

Certified B2B Credit Card Processing Capabilities

Companies dealing primarily in B2B transactions and government purchases have different requirements and expectations than B2C clients. AMI's Level 2 processing capabilities can provide full-item details, including sales tax amount, customer code and other data fields. This information provides accurate reporting, monitoring and control over business transactions, eliminating the risk of inappropriate spending with corporate credit cards. With AMI's low transaction rates, you can offer higher levels of processing at reduced costs.

Customized B2B Merchant Accounts

AMI helps you provide your business or government clientele with a variety of business-specific payment methods, including purchasing cards, business credit cards and corporate checks. From government agencies to business associations, property managers to utility companies, we have the B2B credit card processing solutions that make business transactions fast, easy and efficient. B2B merchants can also enjoy online account management, easy integration with our secure payment gateway and 24/7 customer support.

PCI Security for Complete Compliance

For businesses accepting credit card payments, whether online or through card-present processing terminals, PCI compliance is not only a priority - it's a requirement. AMI's B2B merchant accounts come equipped with PCI compliant security features, so that your data and your account information is kept safe from credit card fraud.