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Compare Rates

Compare Rates

Confusing discount rates and merchant pricing can make it difficult for merchants to compare competitive quotes and choose the best program for their business. Many factors determine the cost of a processing program: 

  • Type of business

  • Type of credit cards customers pay with

  • Swiping vs. hand keying

  • Processing volume

  • Average ticket

  • Bundled vs. unbundled packages 

AMI's extensive industry experience helps you get the best rates according to your business needs.


Lowest Rates Retail

Lowest Rates MOTO / Inet

Deposit Funding


Rates as low as .89%

Rates as low as 1.89%

Next Day Available / 24 hours std


Rates as low as 1.15%

Rates as low as 2.29%

48 - 72 Hours

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Save Every Day with Low Merchant Account Rates

AMI provides competitive credit card processing fees, transaction rates and merchant account rates to merchants in any industry. Rates and fees are determined by your type of business, volume, average ticket, and the types of credit cards you want to accept. So whether you deal primarily with card-present sales or you are bringing your business online, signing up with AMI means you'll have all the resources you need to accept various types of payment, manage a better business and save money every day.

Making the Switch Is Easy

There are several different types of pricing programs. Some processing companies offer a simplified, bundled price program with flat rates and limited to no extra fees. The rates are higher because all the additional expenses are bundled into the rates based on your average ticket and type of business. Other programs have unbundled pricing with low discount rates and a lot of extra fees.

With AMI's flexible rate structure, we'll help you develop the right plan that saves you the most money over your current processor. Our side-by-side cost analysis makes it easy to understand exactly where your savings are coming from. We'll even provide a free rate analysis, so that you can know where your business currently stands at no extra cost.