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American Merchants Inc. is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Concord, CA and Fifth Third Bank, N.A. Cincinnati, OH, USA
American Merchants Inc. is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Concord, CA and Fifth Third Bank, N.A. Cincinnati, OH, USA

Small Business Merchant Services for Growing Needs

AMI Pay helps small businesses grow in a competitive market with a variety of flexible, convenient payment methods, from credit card processing to electronic checks.

  • Improve sales through secure debit and credit card processing.
  • Manage a better business with mobile and wireless account access, online billing and seamless software integration.
  • Secure networks with PCI DSS compliance.

At AMI, we have payment processing solutions designed to meet your specific small business needs, no matter what industry you serve.

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Small Business Credit Card Processing

A small business in a big market faces various challenges, big and small, on a day-to-day basis. The AMI team is committed to helping small businesses grow, providing small business merchant services designed to fit the changing needs of any industry. By offering flexible payment options and accepting credit cards for business, you can develop a loyal customer base and significantly improve customer service and sales. All the while, AMI’s always-low processing rates help you reduce costs.

A Customized Small Business Merchant Account

Whether you are working from home, the office or on the road, AMI’small business solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. With mobile or wireless credit card processing, you can accept credit cards wherever your business takes you. Electronic billing, account management and e-commerce payment gateways brings your business to the Web, simplifying the payment process and providing convenient payment methods for your customers. Count on AMI’s industry professionals for 24/7 support.

Protect Your Growing Business

Complying with PCI DSS standards is required for businesses that accept credit card payments, and AMI has your small business covered. Our small business credit card processing services are maintained with high levels of security, protecting business and customers from today’s complex risks of credit card fraud. From end-to-end encryption to tokenization, hosted payment forms to secure payment gateways, we equip your business with the advanced products needed to keep your data safe.

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